Every business entity is required to report its business!

Business Consultants

Well come to the United States of America. USA is considered to be the largest market for every kind of merchandise. This market gives a glorious chance for the businessmen to accelerate their activity and generate wonderful foreign exchange and employment opportunity.

At this time every retailer wants to buy direct from manufacturer and also want those manufacturers to deliver the merchandise in the shape of LANDED DUTY PAID. This brings a very challenging situation that how a foreigner can setup the entity, which import merchandise and deliver to the customer after clearing from customs. Carrying an entity in USA is very expensive and many businessmen have to get assistance from the existing companies in US market.

Besides all of the above, Government of Pakistan offer financial assistance for the exporters, including rebates for exports and financial assistance in setting up foreign offices. We can help to setup your foreign office and promote business with expenses sharing by the government of Pakistan.

We have been helping many companies from different countries to setup their domestic entities in USA and provide all type of business assistances including

  • Marketing Assistance
  • Factoring & Insuring your Account Receivables.
  • Attorneys to help you with Visa’s.
  • Banking & Loans
  • Office Leases
  • All your Accounting & Tax needs.
  • Book Keeping
  • Invoicing
  • Clearing & Freight Forwarding.
  • Ware Housing & Local Deliveries.

Launching a company can be a considerable undertaking-one that requires several keys decisions early in the entity’s existence. It is important that you make the right choices to ensure the profitability and future of your business. Among the question you need to answer are:-

  • What forms and applications must I file?
  • Which year-end should I select?
  • Should the company be a C or S Corporation, A Limited Liability Company or other type of entity? What is the
  • significance of each form of organization?
  • What is the difference between employees and independent contractors?
  • Who will perform my bookkeeping functions?
  • Should I computerize the accounting systems and what accounting software is beat for my type of business?
  • How frequently should employees be paid?
  • What kind of insurance must or should be purchased?
  • Is it better to purchase or lease equipment?
  • Which local taxes is the business subject to?

The Small Business Services Department at Fast Professional Services is prepared to assist you in making these decisions. We have been helping small business owners like you in the New York area for many years, advising them on crucial business issues. Our team provides a broad range of services specifically designed to fit the needs of small and emerging businesses.

Bookkeeping Services

  • Preparation of books and records of your business and personal accounts
  • Preparation of checks, deposits and other banking services
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Analysis of bookkeeping systems and recommendations for modifications and computerization
  • Temporary bookkeeping services
  • Bookkeeping and payroll instruction
  • Payroll and payroll tax services
  • Brokerage keeping for trusts and estates

Tax Services

  • Preparation of corporation and partnership tax returns
  • Preparation of payroll tax returns
  • Preparation of sales and local tax returns
  • Payroll tax audit representations
  • Payroll tax instruction
  • Income tax planning and tax advice for the closely held business

Business Advice and other Services

  • Review of employee benefits
  • Advice on equipment leasing vs. Purchasing
  • Advice on cash management and investment of surplus funds
  • Pension plan feasibility analysis
  • Review of insurance
  • Assistance in establishing your in-house computerized systems
  • Computer hardware and software recommendations to meet your specific needs
  • Management of systems installation, staff training and ongoing maintenance